From the words of our subscribers

We take pride in providing Authentic Theme Park merchandise to our subscribers. Each item is hand selected from different locations around Walt Disney World. Here are a couple testimonials from some of our subscribers. Enjoy!

"Amazing box!"

ThemePark Magic Box


"Can't wait until the next month! I especially love whenever holiday pins are available!"

Pin Box Basic


"Hi! I just received my first subscription box from you guys and I just had to let you know that I'm SO THRILLED over the contents of the box!! I came to you guys after being extremely unsatisfied by another Disney subscription box and you guys blew me away!!! The frame, the socks, the mug, and the backpack were all perfect, practical, and fun things to find and I'm already so excited to see what next month's box will bring! Thank you so much!"

ThemePark Magic Box


"Throw in a rice crispy treat every now and then. ;) Seriously, this is by far the best Disney subscription box for grownups. I love that I can use everything and that I'm not giving most of the items from the box to my friend's 5 year old or my 8 year old nephew like I do for other boxes that are supposed to be for 18 and older. Keep doing what you're doing!! I LOVE it!!"

ThemePark Magic Box


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